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Thai Conversation Classes

Thai Language Courses

Beginner Level Speaking Classes


New Classes Start Every Month

Class size 4 - 6 students

Group Course 1 - Monday / Wednesday / Friday    09:00 – 10:30
Group Course 2 - Tuesday / Thursday                     09:00 – 10:30

4,600 Bht for 30 hour course

Intermediate & Advanced Courses also available

Learning to speak Thai language is not as difficult as you might think. If you learn a few words and phrases you will soon be able to communicate quite well.


At Kingswood Language School we teach modules of Thai language that will help you to talk with Thai people with confidence. Each unit focuses on a topic or situation and you can choose which topics you want to learn.


At Kingswood Language School we aim to help you learn the language that is most useful to you.     

After you choose the unit you want to study our teachers will help you master the Thai tones needed to speak Thai. 

Next our teachers will help you practice using the language in positive, negative and questions forms.

My name is Jane. (Positive)

My name is not Janet. (Negative)

What is your name? (Question)

After you have learned target phrases and vocabulary in each unit, our teachers will then help you practice until you are fluent and confident to use the language in your daily Bangkok life.


We encourage our students to continue practicing at home, in the market, at the office...anywhere and everywhere they can. We also encourage our students to find the vocabulary and phrases they want to learn and then bring them to the next class to practice with their teacher.


It is very important that students tell the teacher what they most want to learn and practice as this will help them to learn much faster. This will save the student time and money. 

The Youtube Videos below are a great way to do this.


Basic Study Topics

Saying hello.

Checking into a hotel.

At the airport.

At the train station.

Getting help.


Essential stuff.

Getting around.

Asking questions.

Expressing your wishes.

Describing things.


Small talk.

Taking a taxi.

Asking for directions.


At the market.

Food and drink.

Some Thai dishes.

Expressions about food.

At the restaurant.

Going out.

Socialising and making friends.

Staying in touch.

Numbers and time.

Days of the week, months and colours.


Every Thai language course at Kingswood Language School begins with a Free 1 hour Assessment Class and then a Free 1 hour Trial Lesson.

In the Free Assessment Class the teacher and student(s) get to know each other. Complete beginner students will learn how to say hello and introduce themselves. Students who already know some Thai will have a chance to talk with the teacher and demonstrate what they already know. This allows the teacher to assess the student and select the most suitable study materials. At the end of this lesson the more advanced students tell the teacher what language module they want to learn next  

In the Free Trial Lesson the student(s) practice what they learned in the Assessment Class. Beginner students will learn how to ask basic questions such as "What is your name?" "Where do you live / work?" and "Where are you from?" At the end of the lesson the student can then select which language module he or she wants to learn next.


More advanced students will begin learning the language module they selected at the end of the previous lesson. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your Thai

Conversation course Kingswood Language School will refund 100% of your tuition fee.

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