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Hi, how are you?

Glad you popped by


I hope you have enough time to read a little about our school.


As you can see, we're not the biggest Language School in Bangkok - but we like to think we're up there with the best.


We've been teaching and translating since 1989.


We've had our ups and downs, our success and failures, but we've always worked hard and managed keep going.


Like many language schools and businesses, we have our rules and regulations, our terms and conditions, but to tell the truth we don't always enforce them.


We like to think of ourselves as a "people" company, a "family" company if you like.


We try to be flexible and accommodate the needs and wants of all of our students - even when it might go against our rules and regulations, our terms and conditions.


As teachers, we know that we wouldn't be here without you our students. 

Why not have a quick read of some of the comments our students have written on out Testimonals Page


And a teacher without a student isn't really of much use to anyone now is he.


Over the years we've taught a wonderful range of very interesting people. We've taught housewives and businessmen, kindergarten children, elementary school students, high school students and university students.


We've taught general conversation classes, business conversation classes, examination classes like IGCSE and IELTS and TOEFL and TOEIC. We’ve taught the old and young, the shy and reserved, the dynamic and the casual...and we’ve really enjoyed helping every one.


Watching students grow in confidence is our greatest thrill and reward.


What we like the most is creating an atmosphere in which the students feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to learn.


You won’t find any stressed teachers or students here.


I don’t like stress; it gives me a headache


We believe that if our students are comfortable and relaxed, then they'll enjoy the classes more and they'll be able to learn more.




Over the years we've managed to gather a very good selection of course books, teaching materials and such like.


It really doesn't matter what you want to study, I'm sure we have a course book that will be suitable for you.


We always like to use 2, 3 or even 4 books with our students.


Quite honestly, we've never found a single course book that covers all of the strengths, weaknesses and learning targets of the students who come to us.


If you think that Kingswood Language School sounds like the place you'd like to study English or Thai, pop by and have a chat with one of our secretaries. If you'd like to meet the teachers, we're always happy for you to have a chat in the classroom and get to know each other before you make your choice on where you want to study.


What I think we're really proud of is the fact that so many families study with us.


Often one member of the family will come and join Kingswood first.


Perhaps it's the mother who has some free time in the morning, or the father who wants to improve his business English in the evenings.


Maybe it's one of the children who needs extra help with their homework or preparation for an important exam.


Anyway, what we found over the years is that eventually a second and third member of the family will come and study with us.


That makes us so happy.


There seems to be something that the students like about our school.


Maybe it's chatting and having a cup of coffee with our wonderful secretaries.


Maybe it's the friendly casual attitude we have towards our work.


Perhaps they just like the location or the atmosphere in the school.


Anyway, I think that's about it for now.


If ever you're in the area and you'd like to pop in for a chat or just to see what we're like, you're always very welcome.


We’d all be delighted to meet you...and make another friend


Take care and have fun

All of us here at Kingswood Language School.

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