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Links for Teachers & Students

ESL Lessons  - ESL Schools 
ESL Books - ESL Programs

Huge Site - Everything you need for ESL teaching.

Teachers resources and
professional development.

Connect with English ESL Video Course.

FREE, Interactive & Printable English Lessons in 7 LEVELS

Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links. 

The English language website where everything has sound.

Improve your writing skills in both
personal and formal communications

Learn cool English and find friends from around the world!


Open Colleges is Australia's leading online educator. Study 150 TAFE and other nationally accredited courses at your own pace. Flexible, affordable, online.


This guide is meant to serve as the ultimate resource for online education as it is today.

The meeting place for ESL / EFL teachers & students.

World's most popular
education blogging service.

Improve your English listening and vocabulary knowledge.

Free online English lessons & EFL / ESL resources.

Printable Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises For Kids.

Listen to Everyday Conversations
with Adult and Children's Voices

Lesson Plans, Teaching Tips &
Resource Picks.

Resources for Students & Teachers of English

Resources for Students & Teachers of English

Links to thousands of pages of ESL/EFL-related material, all categorized according to skill and difficulty.

Free ESL Resouces, Lessons, and Activites for Students and Teachers of English as a Second Language.

A resource for researching ESL  ideas & creating lessons & courses as quickly as possible.

Thousands of free resources for both students and teachers. All materials are organized by skill level for quick and easy access, Just click on a link to get started.

The ESL Job Feed - ESL teaching jobs, ESL teachers and ESL resources for teaching worldwide

Free curriculum support materials for teaching  language arts (ESL, EFL), Math, Phonics and Science. Free worksheets, videos, games, 
phonics, letter writing materials & more.

The World's largest library of free online Literature Summaries, with over 460 Study Guides / Book Notes / Chapter Summaries online 

Resources, Tips, and Strategies for Teaching ESL to Adults

One Thousand Free English Vocabulary Building Games. The Fun Way to Build Vocabulary Skills!

Here you can learn English grammar, vocabulary and speaking with games, free lessons & more.

A great site for English Languae learners

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals worldwide


ESL: Games and Activities. Resources for ESL / EFL Teachers.

Learn English Today. Free English resources and materials for ESL-EFL learners of all levels.

TESOL - Advancing Excellence in English Language Teaching

Free worksheets, activities, flash cards, songs and videos. 

Learning English. Words in the news.

Learning English. Inspiring Language Learners.

Teaching Kids. Teaching Teens
Teaching Adults. Teacher Development

Free classroom signs and printable posters with inspirational quotes

Educational Activities, Movies, Music,  Games, Articles, Text Books, Learning Programs, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Completly Free of Charge

All Things Grammar.png
All Things Topics.png

 ESL lesson plans, ESL materials, and most everything you need for beginners, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced English students.

Learn how to speak exactly like a native speaker.

A completely free open source site ideal for blended learning: original videos, interactive lessons, an English teacher always present to help you.

A large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics

 This site is dedicated to helping teachers by providing fun esl games for classrooms,

Flashcards, worksheets and handouts to match, phonics worksheets, ESL games, certificate templates

, and other activities all ready for printing.

Interactive games, ESL classroom activities and games, online quizzes and hundreds of printable quiz questions in graded sets.

Flashcards, Interactive Games, Worksheets, Teaching Tools. Interactive or printable, Great for classrooms with multimedia capabilities.

Teaching Truffles features a handful of high quality ESL lessons, which have been specially developed for one-hour classes.

1373 FREE ESL classroom posters worksheets

Movie segments to be used to brainstorm, warm up, follow up, and activate schemata to foster conversation.

Video news stories from around the world with transcripts

A good website to learn English and other languages with links to explore language learning resources.

Provides comprehensive, standards-aligned math and language arts practice for K–12.

Free worksheets,  grammar quizzes, phonics worksheets, and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics.

Online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade level. Games incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.

The Student's Guide to Grammar & Punctuation. Many thanks to Megan & the student volunteers at Sutter Library, Pennsylvania for this new link.  

Anki is a program that makes remembering things easy.

Learn Anything. Learn Anywhere.

Get useful information about 15 FREE Language Learning Apps and 5 FREE Websites 


A great site for CPD


The big list of CPD for ELT

Quality materials that are quick to find and easy to print. Flashcards, craft sheets, worksheets, lesson plans, downloadable songs and classroom readers. 

A super useful website for both beginners and advanced learners.

If there’s something you didn’t find on you’ll most possibly find it here. There are more than "just" explanations here. Exercises follow every topic.

Here you will find hundreds of exercises to learn English online: vocabulary, grammar, listening, songs, etc.

Free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts, for English language and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers

A blog that gives explanations & tips for how to start learning grammar.

Amazing resource to learn English grammar with many many examples.

This Beginner Level website offers exercises in order to learn grammar from the scratch & supports audio for the text written over the site. The activities are divided grades. Needs Adobe Shockwave.

Here you explore the park and play the games to practice your grammar skills. You can click on the each game to have fun and practice.

Grammar Man Comic is the best way to learn grammar at beginner level with lots of fun. The presentation of the website is in the comic form.

The short, clear and informative explanation will help learners to understand things better. The website also offers multimedia explanation that includes You Tube Videos.

Brainpop offers great content for students wanting to learn advanced level of grammar. The website has very engaging contents that help students to learn and educators to teach their students.

Among the best websites to learn advanced level of grammar. You can find many amazing and interactive quizzes as well as lesson to help you improve your grammar skills.

A free online English grammar site with clearly explained grammar rules and plenty of examples to illustrate the main points & difficulties of English grammar.

Free online English Grammar lessons. Step-by-step guide that teaches beginners how to improve English Grammar.

ESL Games Plus offers interactive online games for learning and teaching English as a Second Language.

Activity Village offers teachers, parents and children from all over the world well over 10,000 pages of free children's activities

1000's of teaching ideas, resources, tech, tools and toys to keep ahead of your students...Enjoy.

A great source of free materials for students and teachers.

Improve your listening skills and hear about the news. is free listening practice.

Listen and Watch  You can listen to or watch podcasts on your computer, or download audio and video files to your mp3 player. is a free and award winning new system for learning to speak English. With over 100 lessons, provides a large amount of audio content. 

Listening is an important part of communication and this site was created to give students daily practice on listening. Question and answers allow students to gauge how they are doing.

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