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I have been going to the lessons once a week for two years. A chance to start to learn was when my daughter started going to an international school. At first I didn’t have the confidence to talk with native speakers and I was afraid that I would use the wrong grammar.




My lessons are almost of all English conversation lessons. T. Peter checks my speaking and corrects every sentence. I also write a diary in English and
T. Peter checks it every week. I read a few news articles and we talk about them. Now I can talk with many mothers who come from various countries.


It is of special value to me that T. Peter was a teacher at several international schools, so I can ask about my daughter’s school progress and development. It is an important time for me. And just talking with T. Peter about various issues is worth it to know about other cultures and ideas.


Mrs. Michiru

My son was just a Japanese high school student two years ago, but he could improve his English skills in the first three months after he started studying English at Kingswood Language School. There is absolutely no way that my son has to buy expensive text books at the school. Also the staff are nice and friendly, so I recommend that you try Kingswood Language School.


Mrs. Chizue

I am one of Mr.Peter's former students and now live and work in New York City as a Marketing Copywriter. I can honestly say I owe a lot to Mr. Peter in how my life has turned out. He has helped to shape my world view to a great extent. Not only is he great at teaching ESL but even if you are a Native speaker like myself, he will help to build your knowledge and understanding of English literature and suggest reading material that will teach critical thinking and expand the mind's horizon. A great teacher for anyone looking to improve their reading or writing skills.

Sailee Sarangdhar

I’ve been one of Mr. Peter’s students for a year and half and I go to an international school as a Sixth form student. It is not exaggerated to say that his support for improving and developing my English skill is significant. He has helped me to go through the A level course (in which I take English Language, History and Media) that requires both academic skills and mental strength. Moreover, his support pushed me to get a good level for IELTS. I cannot imagine how it would be like if I had to go through these challenging tasks by myself.

Not only can Mr. Peter support you improving your English skills, but also he will help to build up your critical thinking and understand that there is a range of perceptions that are helpful for making arguments. Moreover, his lessons consist of a sense of humour, so there’s no doubt that you cannot enjoy it.


インターの最終学年で、ピーター先生の授業には週に2回、一年半以上通っています。私の英語力を向上させるために、先生の支えは必要不可欠だと言っても過言ではありません。イギリス式のAlevel は、とても難しく、専門的な知識と精神の忍耐力が必要です。先生の支えのおかげで、現在A level の半分のコースを終えました。科目はEnglish Language、HistoryとMedia Studiesをとっています。IELTSも先生の支えによって、高得点を取ることができました。A levelとIELTS のような難しい課題を自分一人でやらなければならなかったら、私はどうなっていたかわかりません。先生は英語の力を伸ばしてくれるだけではなく、論理的・客観的・合理的な思考や、論理展開を構築するのを手伝ってくれます。授業はユーモアたっぷりで、つまらない時間を過ごすことは絶対にありません。


My Experiences in Kingswood Language school


We talked about a lot of questions and concerns about daily life in Bangkok in every class. Whenever I couldn't remember the words, Peter always waited for me patiently. I was so happy when he understood my explanation using the simple words I know. His attitude always helped me. This school provided me with valuable times. I noticed we are the same and there is no meaning about the differences between our nationalities and languages. Thank you so much, Peter!!


Yukiko Obata

To whom it may concern,


Having Mr. Peter as my high school English teacher has been one of the most memorable and endearing memories of my childhood. Mr. Peter was, and still is, one of my favorite teachers. He’s the reason our English classes were never boring. He taught us grammar and literature through witty jokes and lighthearted mannerisms that never cease to entertain.

Above all, Mr. Peter had a great heart. I remember how he sat through one of my rare crying moments on a particularly bad day at school (first teenage heartbreak), and how he lifted my spirits by sharing his wise words, kind advice, and heartening stories. Wherever Mr. Peter is going, I am sure he will continue to spread joy everywhere. Best of luck, sir!



In my years of learning English as a Second Language, I’ve never had any other teacher who taught English as enjoyably as Mr. John did at Kingswood. He has a great sense of humour and a creative way to teach English. As a student back then, I always looked forward to his classes as they were often filled with games and laughter. He has his own ways of rewarding and punishing (in his games), which I realized later on is a fantastic way of keeping us motivated to learn English. I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to improve their English and may be scared or lost regarding where to begin, to see Mr. John. He’ll make you forget what you were initially there for and you’ll come to find yourself several classes later speaking English with confidence and enjoying it:)



저는 십대 후반에 피터 선생님과 영어 및 사회학을 공부했습니다. 덕분에 영국 명문대 University College London에 진학하였고 현재는 서울대학교에서 석사과정을 마무리하고 있습니다. 피터 선생님의 가장 큰 장점은 학생의 눈높이에 맞는 가르침입니다. 당시 저는 말하기와 듣기 실력은 또래보다 우수하였으나, 쓰기 실력은 부족했습니다. 피터 선생님은 단순 작문 실력 뿐 아니라 영미권에서 유용한 논리적 사고 방식까지 훌륭히 지도해주셨습니다. 피터 선생님과 공부한 시간은 1년뿐이나, 가르침은 성인이 되어서도 유용하게 사용하고 있습니다. 피터 선생님과의 공부를 적극적으로 추천합니다.

I had the pleasure of studying English and Sociology with Mr. Peter as a teenager at Traill International School. His teaching allowed me to pursue my academic interests at University College London (Bachelor of Arts) and Seoul National University (Master of Arts). When I first met Mr. Peter, my English skills were unbalanced; while I was a competent speaker, my writing skills were limited. Mr. Peter’s patient and enthusiastic teaching helped me improve significantly, not only in linguistic terms but also in logical thinking and putting forth my argument. I highly recommend studying English with Mr. Peter as he will provide you with guidance that is tailored to your needs and interests.




Mr. Peter was one of the reasons my English language skills skyrocketed. He taught me English language when I was quite young. Every time my homework was given back to me, Mr. Peter would hand it back to me with the words which I still live by until today, “Do you think that was enough for you?” These few words pierced through my heart then and now still. He saw potential in me and asked me to not stop moving forward in learning English language just because I was lazy. You will not find another teacher with such great sense of humor and who challenges your ability to move forward better than Mr. Peter.

View Chanyawong Regional Manager The Magni Group Inc.

During my time studying English throughout my life, the teachers at Kingswood Language School have been perhaps the best teacher I’ve ever had. They were neither the kindest of my teachers nor the meanest, but they were always been the best at teaching English. My classes have always been interesting and I felt encourage to practice and learn from feedback rather than let you sit in a class and listen to other students speaking. I primarily studied how to write essays with Mr. Peter, and the skill I learned with him have since become the foundation of a majority of my English skills and these have helped me through much of my university life. If I had to recommend one English school, it would be Kingswood LAnguage School.


Mrs. Anchana directed me to the goal in learning Thai language, she gave me a lot of chances to speak in the class and she gave the best and most specific feedback that I needed. She is not only a good teacher but the best facilitator too. She knows the needs of the student. Above all, she could provide the best and easiest way for me to learn and improve my Thaiskills.


Mrs. Kana

Miss Emma is charming, patient and has a great sense of humour. Her English classes were never boring and she truly cares about her students. You could not be in better hands if you’re looking to improve your English.  Plus she basically sounds the same as the characters in GOT. Who wouldn’t want to speak English like the characters of GOT?!



Mr. Peter is one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever known. He’s very inspiring and supportive. He offers a great balance of theory and practical strategies. The methodology he uses is created to suit the specific focus areas that best suit the students’ needs. Students develop skills through interactive activities and everyone loves what he does.



I am very thankful for my most wonderful English Teacher ever, Mr. Peter!! He encouraged and supported me in every way. Not only did he teach well in class but he guided me to look towards my future. Whatever the problem, he is always a welcoming and very helpful teacher


Learning English with Mr. Goldsmith was one of my favorite classes during my school years. His lessons were creative, engaging, and always quite fun. Since English is my second language, I faced many challenges in learning - but with his teaching I was able to build the basic English foundation which helped me to improve in overall areas including speaking, reading, and writing. Mr. Goldsmith is not only the educator who teaches English, but also inspires you take on more learning challenges and strive for your fluency. Now I am attending graduate school to be a certified teacher in the United States, and he is the one who inspired me to be an educator that supports and inspires a student’s continuing education. Thus, I highly recommend this learning experience to everyone.



Mr. Peter was my English teacher from secondary school through high school. Till today he has been one of my favorite English teachers. I remember him being very calm and supportive to all students. He would always make English lessons fun and made English literature far from boring.

Janie Ratipan Panpinij
Former TIS student



I have known Mr. Peter for years and I was blessed to be one of his former students back in high school. I admit that I was not the brightest student back then but he was a very kind, patient and a highly motivated teacher. I respect him for who he is and his outstanding teaching methods which I found to be highly beneficial to my current career path as a college teacher. I truly appreciate everything he did for me and I am confident to say that he is one of the best teachers anyone could have.


Kenneth Miura Maddox

Having always been in an International School I've had many English teachers but I can easily say that Mr. Peter was one of my favourites. He was always fun and a pleasure to learn with, while being extremely passionate about what he does. I was lucky to have Mr. Peter as my English teacher and would recommend him without hesitation.



Peter is an inspiring and passionate teacher who loves what he does. He conveys his depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate his students, as well as supporting them when they need a hand. He always encourages his students to perform to their best of abilities.


“What’s this?” “This is a car.” That’s my first class with Mr. Peter. I can clearly recall my first class with Mr. Peter, which for me was full of fear of being with someone who doesn’t speak Japanese. But that fear was blown away by him. Mr. Peter always tried to know what I wanted to say and only when I needed his help, he helped me to express my thinking with words. I learned English from talking about all kinds of stuff such as from articles that I had read and movies that I had watched. I was always looking forward to and enjoying his English class even though I was exhausted from school activity. That was really meaningful time of my life. Not only my English level grows up, but myself grow up from learning with him. I really appreciate his support.




Mr. Peter was always a kind, dedicated and smart teacher. I studied with him for 4-5 years during my high school years and I learned and gained a lot of knowledge from him. I would also like mention his funny attitude in the class to make the lessons class more relaxing and understandable.


As a student, I was most impressed by Mr. Peter's kindness, creativity, and ability to know exactly what I needed to improve my English. Now that I am an educator, Mr. Peter has always been a patient and helpful advisor. He not only gave me many ideas and activities for my students, but also encouraged me to keep moving forward.




Learning English with Mr. Peter Goldsmith has been an unforgettable experience which goes beyond just the classroom. His teaching and philosophy opened my eyes to see new things beyond what I had already known, whether it may be grammar, style, clarity, vocabulary, social interactions and critical thinking. With that, my writing drastically improved and I grew to love it. I have also found that I do have an author in me by going to his classes. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes and how the English language became easier to understand.

Saranchitr Bijaisoradat



I attended an English course at Kingswood Language School. The teacher was always well prepared for the classes and kept them in a light and pleasant mood. The lessons were very interesting. I acquired the ability to communicate freely in English.


I studied English with Mr. Peter when I was in high school. From what I could remember, he is very passionate in teaching. He has excellent communication skills, great teaching style, and very talented in connecting with students to engage in class activities. He inspires students to learn and be more and do more than they think they can. He is very helpful, patient, and understanding. He is the best English teacher I’ve ever met.





Since childhood I have had a lot of struggles coping with the professors when it comes to English course - but Mr. Peter made it so energetic, profound and joyful that I always longed to join his class. Not only is his English top notch,  Mr. Peter’s sense of humor and kindness made our learning a whole new experience. Today I'm truly grateful for all his effort as it was due to his teaching that my English skills dramatically improved.





Mr. Peter was my first English teacher who helped me improve my English when I moved to International School. It had been tough for me as a kid, with parents who do not use English in the family, to adapt to using English at school. However, Mr. Peter's classes made me feel that English was not scary to learn and use in real life. Mr. Peter’s English class is one of my favorites. It was full of fun experiences and it helped me build my English skills to what I have today.



Mr. Peter is a very wonderful, kind and funny teacher.

I have been making progress with my English skill ever since I met him. He can teach everything which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. So, I can study everything with him that I need to study in order to improve my English skill. His English is really easy to understand and while I am talking to him, he always listens to me very carefully. Speaking English with him makes me self-confident because he often praises my English skill. If there are words which I am not sure I understand, he opens his dictionary on the internet and translates them into Japanese which is very helpful for me. Also, during the lesson, he often tell jokes which makes me very happy!!









Before I entered international school, I spent most of my life in Japan and had studied in the Japanese education system. So it was hard for me to go to international school and in the classes I had in English there was always tons of homework. However, with Mr. Peter’s lesson, I could develop my English skill. He always asked me about my school life and it helped me to improve my speaking skills. Without his support, I could not have developed my English skill. Thank you Mr. Peter!




Mr. Peter is an excellent teacher and I am grateful to have been taught by him. Having studied in an International School my whole life, I have had the pleasure of being mentored by many English teachers but out of all of them none have left a more lasting impression than Mr. Peter. I believe that a teachers passion to teacher their students and watch them develop is an essential quality required to be a great teacher and this is not a quality that Mr. Peter is lacking. From my experience studying with Mr. Peter he understands that teaching is a 2 way street and that as a teacher you must learn from your students to see where their weakness are, what teaching styles are applicable to which student and have the adaptability to change your teaching style for the benefit of the student. It is for these reasons and plenty more why I would recommend Mr. Peter to anybody looking to learn English.


James Landolt



Mr. Peter is a very interesting person and I look forward to going to Kingswood every day. His wife is very kind. The homework he gives is not so much, and he never gets angry. I think that it is good that we found Kingswood.




I had the pleasure of learning with Mr. Peter back in year 9 at Traill International School. I can honestly say he is an amazing English teacher. He is patient and has the ability to explain things very well. While my speaking was good, my writing ability was limited. He helped me tremendously with my vocabulary and sentence structuring. Studying with Mr. Peter helped me prepare for the professional world. I would highly recommend Mr. Peter to intermediate or advanced learners.





Some things that I spotted throughout my time learning English is that some students are afraid of “speaking” English. But what I observed from Mr. Peter is that he is a very good listener, he does not interrupt students and he lets the words flow. This is very important for students like me who, for example, tend to get stuck in the middle of the sentence because I think too much about the words I’m using and try to complicate a simple sentence. Mr. Peter is very patience, which is something I admire, and he is very passionate about teaching. He wants his students to have the best learning experience. He makes sure that you walk out of class with confidence.




I studied English and English Literature with Mr. Peter in my secondary school following the British Key Stage 4 curriculum. Mr. Peter knew and understood the course requirements very well and he was able to effectively guide us to further develop our knowledge and fluency in English, on top of always ensuring that we had a fun in an exciting classroom. I personally thoroughly enjoyed his English Literature classes, where we get to deep dive into fictional character’s persona and motivations (E.g. Macbeth) which allowed us to develop critical thinking skills. This opened up our minds and made us think about the world we live in, rather than just learning English. Overall, I had an amazing experience with Mr. Peter and I would highly recommend anyone to learn English with him.



I appreciate Mr. Peter teaching me not only English but also other things through conversation. I studied mainly IELTS with him for approximately 1 year. For speaking lessons, we talked about my high-school life, the latest news in the world, the distinction between two cultures, etc. It was an interesting time for me to learn new things from him because he is such an intelligent person. For writing lesson, because writing is my weakest subject, he always checked my essays to improve my writing score. Moreover, he showed me so many useful websites that I still use now. Recently, I decided to study about the plastic issue, which Mr. Peter taught me in a class, at university. He made me want to study more and be a greater person as a student. Lastly, he is one of the best teachers in my life, and I am really glad that he is my English teacher.

 私は、ピーターに本当に感謝をしています。彼から様々なことを学びました。IELTSのspeakingの対策として、先生と、学校であったこと、最近のニュースについて、文化の違いなどを話しました。先生は知的な人なので、このレッスンから私は、もちろんspeakingの点数を高めること出来ただけでなく、人として成長することができたと実感しています。writingに関しては、とても苦手だったため、ほとんど毎授業で添削をしてもらいました。 先生は、本当に信頼できる人です。どのレベルの方でも、英語を学ぶのにとても良い先生だと思います。


Mr.Peter’s lessons

I had a wonderful time with my teacher. I went to Kingswood Language School for about 2 years.

When I came to Thailand, I couldn’t speak English well. I can now speak English more than before through the lessons. Peter's lesson are not only about learning English but also learn about how I alive in this world, how I have contact with many people in the future. I was glad to learn English at Kingswood Language School. I won’t forget my many memories.

Rin Suzuki

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