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Interpreter - Translation - Notary Services


At Kingswood Language School we can help you with all of your communication needs.


If you need an interpreter at a business meeting or a social event...KIngswood can help you.


If you need a business document, brochure, technical manual or personal letter translated...Kingswood can help you.


If you need an official document notarised...Kingswood can help you. 

Interpreter Services
Translation Services for all ASEAN Languages

Let Kingswood help you communicate accurately & confidently 


Kingswood Language School provides interpreters for business meetings, government meetings, forums, weddings, social occasions and many more events.

Avoid misunderstandings and possible confusion 

If you need an interpreter contact Kingswood today and find out how we can help you communicate accurately and confidently. 

Let Kingswood take care of your translation needs.


We translate business documents, brochures, instruction manuals, contracts, personal letters and much more into Thai - English - Burmese - Cambodian - Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) - French - German - Japanese - Korean - Loatian - Russian - Spanish - Vietnamese.


If you need a document translated into a language not mentioned here we will find an experienced and qualified translator for you.

Notary Services

Contact Kingswood Language School if you need any of the following documents translated.

Birth certificate - from 500Bht. 

Death certificate - from 550Bht. 

Certify Person - Please ask for a quote.

Certify place of birth - Please ask for a quote.

Certificate Company - Please ask for a quote. 

Change name /surname - from 450Bht. 

Daily Report from Police Station - from 450Bht. 

Data of the Family Register - from 450Bht.

Declaration of Consent - from 450Bht. 

Divorce Certificate - from 450Bht.

Marriage certificate - from 450Bht.

Driving License - from 450Bht.

Bor Or Jor 2 - Please ask for a quote. 

Bor Or Jor 3 - Please ask for a quote. 

Bor Or Jor 5 - Please ask for a quote.

Freedom to get Marriage Document - from 500Bht. 

House Registration - from 450Bht.

Identification Card - from 300Bht.

Passport - from 450Bht. 

Registration of Family status - Please ask for a quote.

Tax document - Please ask for a quote.

Teaching License - Please ask for a quote.

Work Permit - Please ask for a quote.  

Results of military service selection - Please ask for a quote.

Agreement / Contract - from 600 - 1500Bht. 

Memorandum of Association - Please ask for a quote. 

Trademark Registration Certificate - Please ask for a quote. 

Certificate of Value-Added Tax Registration - Please ask for a quote.


Please note that price may vary according to languages the documents are translated from and to. 

Please confirm the cost with Kingswood before the document is translated.

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