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Grammar in Use


Past Continuous


Present Simple

Present Continuous


Present Continuous & Present Simple

Pre-Intermediate Verb Tenses

Present Simple vs 
Present Continuous
Present Continuous vs Present Perfect Continuous
Future Simple vs 
'Going to' Future
'Going to' Future vs 
Present Continuous

Pre-Intermediate Word Order

Sentence Structure
Position of Adverbs

Negatives 1

Negatives 2

Intermediate Verb Tenses

Present Perfect Continuous
vs Present Perfect
Present Perfect vs Past Simple
Action Verbs vs State Verbs

Future Continuous vs Future Perfect vs Future Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous vs Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous

Intermediate Grammar

Modal Verbs  
Modal Verbs
Will - Shall - Would
Modal Verbs
Should - Must - Have to

Artilcs 1

A - An - The

Articles 2
When to use 'the'

Advanced Verb Tenses

All Tenses Review
Mixed tenses Exercise

Advanced Grammar

Question Tags
Passive Voice
Passive Voice - Exercise
Indirect Speech 1
Indirect Speech 2
Gerund & Infinitive
'used to'

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