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Cambridge International Examinations

English as a Second Language & First Language English

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English is a very difficult language to learn and an extremely difficult exam to prepare for


Does your son or daughter need help with English?

Are your children struggling with the reading comprehension? 

Are the writing tasks simply too difficult?

Does your child feel confused by all the new vocabulary?

Our Senior Teacher at Kingswood Language School has over 30 years of experience teaching ESL and FLE and will be happy to assess your child's English Language strengths and weaknesses for FREE.   

Free Slosson's Placement Test

Free IGCSE First Language English Assessment Test

Free IGCSE English as a Second Language Assessment Test

Our IGCSE courses for English as a Second Language First Language English will help only if...

There is at least 85% attendance.

ALL homework assignments are completed on time

Students arrive on time for the start of all classes.

Students listen carefully to the teachers and follow their advice. 

ALL IGCSE English Language Course Materials are FREE

Call Today and get 2 FREE Lessons

English Dictionaries

Translation Dictionaries

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