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Our Special Quick Thai Program is perfect for people who want to get the most out of a short stay in Thailand.

The Weekend IELTS Course gives students the extra boost needed to get a Band 5.5 - 8 without all of the extra homework. 

Our team consists of experienced and creative teachers who are dedicated to the successful education of you and your family.

Quick Thai Classes


IELTS Courses

Qualified Teachers

Providing Quality Education in a

Friendly Environment.

At our education centre, we provide a variety of benefits and advantages for your kid's successful education, while allowing your kid to stay fully active, creative, and healthy.


We offer first-class protection and security for you at Kingswood.

Small Class Size

All classes at our centre have up to 2 students regardless of the curriculum.

Social - Distancing

At Kingswood, we take

social-distancing seriously.

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Thai Courses

Quick Thai 

This plan provides a full set of classes for..., perfectly suited for making the first transition away to learn a new language natural and easy for you.

Business Thai 

Our Thai Business Courses  are aimed at business people who want to learn and improve the Thai Language skills needed for success in the local business market.

Exam Courses

This plan is intended for students of all ages who need more time to prepare their school, university entrance exams and university graduation exams .

All study materials are provided

FREE of Charge.

Kingswood Language School

Your Perfect Learning Centre

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